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    CrossBorderWorks is the Los Angeles-based consultancy and advisory firm of Vickie Nauman, who manages a select portfolio of digital media and technology companies.

Navigating the complex, global digital media landscape.


A digital music pioneer, Nauman draws upon her personal experience in lead roles, including Sonos and 7digital, a highly ranked international MBA, consulting in entertainment and technology throughout US, Europe and China, and building new cross-platform initiatives. The end results are valuable cost-saving strategies, effective relationships, and smart execution for your business or application.

CrossBorderWorks Consulting can help you to grow your business through specific projects:

  • Music rights acquisition, negotiation and strategy
  • International expansion or entry into the US market
  • Outreach to strategic music and tech partners
  • Go-To-Market planning
  • Analysis and growth strategy
  • Business plan creation, ideation and concept evaluation

CrossBorderWorks Advising can provide your company with strategic advice and guidance, whether early stage startup or new initiative within a larger organization.

Industry Experience

  • Digital music products and services — from hardware integration to streaming, concept to business modeling
  • Music licensing and strategy — direct experience licensing a full range of services with labels and publishers
  • US and international business — understand the global landscape from the inside out
  • Traditional to digital entertainment — bridge the gap between "old" and new media
  • Connected devices — channels, ecosystems, service integration, sales and strategy
  • APIs and platforms — leverage and evaluate tools and service platform providers
  • Strategic initiative development — idea evaluation to partner and product development

Partner and client portfolio:

CrossBorderWorks clients cut across vertical industry sectors, and benefit from Nauman's consulting experience, in-house roles, and various partnerships with companies such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Beggars Group, Samsung, T-Mobile, Rhapsody, Pandora, SiriusXM, The Overflow, ROK Mobile, Turntable.fm, HP, Echonest, Spotify, The Orchard, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony ATV, Harry Fox, Warner Chappel, and many (many) start ups.

Vickie Nauman, Principal & Owner
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My 30,000 Foot View

When I tried the first Napster in 1999 on my 14.4 modem, I knew that the world of entertainment had just changed forever. It also sparked what has become a 15-year (and running) digital odyssey to master all facets of this revolution in all corners of the world.

This quest spanned joining the product team of one of the first legal music services called MusicNet, a JV between RealNetworks and the major labels; building KEXP's early DMCA-compliant service and producing live broad/web cast events; doing music business in China and MBA studies at the London School of Economics; working in device manufacturer Sonos; leading the US business for UK platform 7digital; and avidly consuming movies and music in a myriad of forms.

The ease of digital has put all the world's music, film, and information into consumers' hands. Revenue models continue to morph amidst challenging conditions, and tech-driven enterprises enable new experiences at a pace so rapid that few can keep up. I believe the best strategy in this still-nascent industry is to build great products, understand your target customer, and embrace change. As an industry, we also need to ensure that creators are being compensated: without them, our coveted devices and our world would be far less interesting.

Music has been the canary in the digital coalmine, and I want to impart my knowledge, experience, and global network to smart companies who are seeking new ways of bringing great digital entertainment legally to consumers around the globe.

—Vickie Nauman

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